Something About me

Hey there! My name is Michael Groen and I am a UX/UI designer currently studying Communication & Multimedia design. I am a person that loves to research things, is curious, eager to learn, wants to succeed and give meaning to all kinds of things

I want to create unique experiences memorable for a lifetime. Why? Because what motivates me is not only that I get to learn a lot of things on the web, but also that I love seeing people being happy.


Robert Crain

My name is Robert Crain. I was for more then nine years a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam and i had the privilege to coach Michael through a number of projects.

Our faculty offers students a lot of space to develop themselves in a way they see fit. Projects based learning forms the basis for our curriculum, and it is this project based learning and the space we offer that makes a few students use their potential to the fullest. One of them is Michael.

I see Michael as the new breed of digital creatives who will influence the net. It is not only his eagerness, enormous willing to learn and a well developed sense for people that makes him outstanding in his field, he also has a clear point of view and a keen eye for trends. If i was his age i would be very jealous in what he achieved the last couple of years, and there is so much to come from him.

I highly recommend Michael for your team. He will be a great asset and a fun person to work with (did i mention that he speaks fluent Japanese?).

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