Full Documentation (Dutch)

The Project

In a group of 4 students, we had to redesign an existing web shop in 18 weeks of time. The redesign we made should have an emphasis on an engaging user experience that fits with the brand. We also had to consider the use of social media and seduction design techniques for marketing ends.

The Concept

Easily being able to scan, safe, compare and share your shoes with the favorite bar. When the user sees a shoe that he likes, he can drag and drop the shoe to the favorite bar where it would temporarily save the chosen shoe. If the user is done with searching for shoes, he can compare his favorite shoes and decide which one he wants to order.


To refine and create a better product, we have been working with an iterative design process. By testing the design constantly, important elements came forward. This way we could optimize the redesign for the concept. Improvements were all kinds of things like feedback, small interaction elements and bugs.

Once done testing, I would make a list of all the improvements necessary and put them in order with the MoSCoW method. This way the developers could continue developing and I could research for further improvements.

The result

With this redesign it is easier to scan, keep and compare your favorite shoes. The order process is reduced with 50% in time to complete your order, which means less frustration and dropouts. The new aftercare will generate shoes based on favorites for more potential sales in the future. Details really matter in design, and by testing we concluded that this method of shopping is more enjoyable and easier to use than the current design.