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The Project

DIVV gave 3 students the assignment to design an app to turn Amsterdam into a better reachable, safer and more attractive place. In short terms they wanted some kind of navigation app that helps the user reach his designated destination. What they wanted was a mobile app that delivers better service oriented information than the current resources on the internet.

The Concept

The problem is that a majority people only plan their trips before they travel. Because of this, they wouldn’t know whether there is an actual delay while they are traveling. For example, they wouldn’t know if their transfer is delayed while walking to a station. Our solution? An app that gives the users push messages when their transfer is delayed so that they can control their situation.

The Process

After we were done designing the app, we began to test. Our conclusion was that we needed to improve the design even more. The screen came across as too busy and some of the interaction elements were too small.

One of the most important changes that I’ve designed is the new banner. This banner tells the user how much time there is left for the next transfer to leave. What it also does, is change color. When the deadline comes near the banner changes slowly from orange to red. This way the user can tell in just one glance how much he has to rush in order to make it to the transfer.

The Result

Sometimes people rush for the train, subway or bus unaware their public transfer is already delayed. It can be extremely infuriating to come across this situation when you’re already at the platform and can’t go anywhere else either. Delay Assistance solves this problem by notifying you when your public transfer is delayed. If your transfer is delayed the app will send a custom personalized notification in form of vibrations.

With this app you no longer have to search for data, as the data will come to you. No longer having to worry about being on time, you can just sit back and relax and maybe even get an extra cup of coffee.