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The Project

The assignment was to create a mobile concept for vmbo students who had to visit the Stedelijk Museum. In this assignment we had to keep multiple aspects in mind, we had to create a wireflow for the administrator, student and teacher.

The Concept

Gamification is applied to make it more fun for the students. At each piece of art the student has to find the differences between the picture on his phone and the actual artwork. These differences would be key aspects to the artwork so that the student would actually learn from it. Also the student would get to know small facts about the artwork.

The Result

The result is a big wireflow where the total progress of the app is made clear. The parts of the admin, student and teacher are all connected with each other. In the wireflow you can see the flow of the app, the problem and solution of each step, the content that is necessary to design the app and the functions which are needed to create the app